About ETX-NG

Students and graduates depend on universities to provide timely transcripts processing and degree verification services to help them get jobs faster and meet graduate school deadlines. We wish to introduce ETX-NG to help improve these services and efficiency – at no cost to any participating institution.


ETX-NG is a simple and user-friendly technology platform that empowers Nigerian students, companies and higher institutions in 3 basic ways: 

  1. Students and alumni can order transcripts anytime, anywhere from tertiary institutions in Nigeria and have the transcripts delivered electronically to most universities world-wide.
  2. Tertiary institutions in Nigeria can send and receive transcripts as well as verify the degrees of their student applications between each other in a controlled, secure, and trusted environment - instantaneously! 
  3. Companies can request to verify staff degrees and professional certifications for employment and other purposes from higher educational institutions in Nigeria 



In addition to enabling the secure exchange of transcripts between higher educational institutions in Nigeria, ETX-NG also enables the request, transfer and delivery of transcripts from higher educational institutions in Nigeria to institutions within and outside the country through our collaboration with exchanges in other parts of the world.ETX-NG is dedicated to delivering the highest quality transcript and degree verification exchange service in Africa. Through our dedicated passion and client-focused philosophy, we will provide un-matched customer services, foster growth of our team members and remain ethical and responsible in all participating universities.