Verify Degrees and Certificates Obtained from Babcock University

ETX-NG Degree Verification System 

General Information

As part of the University's continued efforts to serve its students (present and former) and all stakeholders who interact with the university in a more efficient way, Babcock University is introducing a new way for you to request for the verification of education background of its students and alumni; using the ETX-NG transcript exchange platform. The platform will provide the possibility to place and pay for your background checks academic transcript online, and the results will be delivered electronically.

Using this platform, there is no longer a requirement for you to visit the school premises or send a friend or relative or send requests via courier; saving time and money.

To verify a degree obtained from Babcock University, you will need to register by clicking on the "register" button to your right or use the click on the login button, if you have already registered.

For more information on how to use this portal; kindly send an email to or call Jeremiah on 07038651725.

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