Unclaimed Degree Certificates in Nigeria

We know it is always obtaining you degree certificate at the time of graduation from a tertiary institution in Nigeria. Most of the time, these tertiary institutions in Nigeria issue degree certificates much after students must have graduated and it becomes difficult for the student to physically come back to the institution to obtain their certificates in Nigeria. This creates two major problems... [read article]
Wednesday, 2018/07/11

StudyLocal: Search for schools and degree programs in Nigeria

StudyLocal is Nigeria’s first and leading online directory of degrees courses that can be obtained in Nigeria. Considering our work with tertiary institutions and the relevance of transcripts to the admission process, we have developed a tool where students can find and compare degree courses in Nigeria from all accreditated tertiary institutions in Nigeria. StudyLocal is basically local. Th... [read article]
Monday, 2018/02/12

We're Not Just Another Background Screening Company in Nigeria

We can’t wait to tell you about who we are and what we do. We’re truly passionate about our clients, our mission and what we stand for. Even though we’re one of the world’s largest screening companies --- we never want to be faceless and impersonal. Your business is always personal to us. We’re your local screening company – but with global expertise Since 201... [read article]
Monday, 2017/01/23


Should it be called “certificate selfie”. There’s always this joy when students finally graduate from colleges or universities, after the long sleepless nights of reading, researching and the anxiety of waiting for the grades and so on. Finally, the results comes out which leads to the official caps and gowns, and then the selfies with the certificates. Since the advent of socia... [read article]
Monday, 2016/08/08

How Electronic Transcripts Benefit Tertiary Institutions

Rummaging through piles of academic records in search of one belonging to a particular student -who might have graduated a million years ago- is every Registry staff’s nightmare. For students in public institutions in Nigeria, the probability of getting this done in time usually comes with the cost of extra time because of obsolete filing systems coupled with the high volume of student entry... [read article]
Friday, 2016/04/01

Theodora Ihuarulam shares her typical day at work at ETX-NG

Hearing this familiar tone at 4:30am every morning makes me wish everyday were a Saturday. Staggering out of bed, heading straight to the kitchen to prepare my meal for the day then to the bathroom. At 6:00am my day starts proper, having to fight my way through the crowd to get on a bus, and staying in the traffic that lasts for almost an hour and thirty minutes, quite a handful. At 7:20 or at mos... [read article]
Friday, 2015/12/18

Challenges with requesting and issuing academic transcripts? How we help

In recent times, requests for official transcript of academic records of students and alumni are on the increase. Other than the final statements of results or certificates issued to students and alumni, educational bodies and other institutions are more interested in the detailed academic records of applicants showing attained grades and performance on each courses/subjects taken. The need for t... [read article]
Saturday, 2015/05/02

Background checking on candidates before an employment offer or as a staff, but before confirmation. Which do you do?

I have been in paid employment before and I have also worked as a consultant to companies in various parts of the world. The common practice as much as my experience tells is that companies hire their candidates based on first trust with respect to the content of their resumes; but then go ahead to verify the information. In essence, what I see most often is companies hire a candidate and subject ... [read article]
Thursday, 2015/01/15

How to Save Time On Your University Applications

We have run transcript services for students in Nigeria for the past two years and without going into much details, we can confirm that besides the transcript process, the entire application process - from identifying the school and course of study to gaining admissions and paying the fees can be a daunting task. For students applying for post graduate studies in Nigeria, the road to studies can b... [read article]
Wednesday, 2014/12/31

ETX-NG: A Transcript Delivery Option

Many institutions offer various transcript delivery methods which normally includes UPS, DHL, NIPOST and more recently via email. In all cases, the paper version of the transcripts are created and printed; packaged and delivered manually in the case of courier delivery and scanned and sent via email in the case of email delivery. All of these cases are expensive and prone and forgery.We provide te... [read article]
Tuesday, 2014/10/28

Summary of our student transcript services

OBTAINING ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT JUST GOT EASIER WITH EXT-NG!!!!! ETX-NG assists students and alumni in obtaining their academic transcripts from any tertiary institution in Nigeria and we ensure the delivery of such transcripts to any school world-wide; whether electronic or paper. Rather than travel down to your school or send friends and relatives to obtain your academic transcripts, ETX-NG is ab... [read article]
Wednesday, 2014/08/06

ETX-NG introduces electronic ordering, reciept of academic transcripts

Obtaining academic transcript from Universities and Polytechnics in Nigeria has become very difficult and rigorous. In lots of cases you have to travel to the school, leave your work place (some people even apply for casual leave at their place of work), spend lots of money on transportation, pay hotel bills in order to secure accommodation, risk travelling back and forth and at the end in some ap... [read article]
Monday, 2014/05/05

ETX-NG offers free online results verification services for schools

The importance of Credentials verification cannot be overemphasised when considering the integrity or trustworthiness of staffs, new employees, admitting new students to an institution etc. ETX-NG is offering free online credentials verification services to eradicate issues of fraud and irregularities of results and certificates tendered by employees, students etc. ETX-NG has created a platform ... [read article]
Monday, 2014/05/05

ETX-NG E-verify service

Employee screening services in Nigeria through ETX-NG just got easier. You can now verify your employee credentials/certificate without stress or paper work. With innovative minds ETX-NG has created an E-verify platform where you only need your laptop and internet facilities to verify Certificates or do background checks of your staffs. With ETX-NG E-verify platform you can monitor your staff&rs... [read article]
Wednesday, 2014/03/19

Employee Background Checking Service in Nigeria

Employee Background Checking Services in Nigeria has become very vital when hiring new employees, admitting new students into an institution or any case where a certificate needs to be tendered. It is also very vital when it comes to questioning the integrity of existing staffs of a company/organization. It can be said that background checks services has been underused in Nigeria by employers. R... [read article]
Tuesday, 2014/03/18

Employee Credentials Checking in NIgeria

We have been in the busines of verifying the accuracy of educational credentials presented by employees. Our service is actually two pronged: firstly we verify qualifications obtained in Nigeria and secondly, we verify the credentials obtained by Nigerian employees who schooled abroad.  Through the year 2013, we noted false declaration of credentials in about 8% of all the verifications perfo... [read article]
Tuesday, 2014/01/07

E-Transcripts for Institutions in Nigeria

ETX-NG at its core is an educational credentials company; by credentials we mean transcripts, degrees, certificates, all of the things that you earn in your life; that really speaks to what you know and how well you know it. And we’re trying to solve two basic problems with credentials…. How do we help schools, universities, polytechnics, and companies in Nigeria and others bring cre... [read article]
Wednesday, 2013/12/25

A true "Transcript on Demand" approach

On-demand service, in the context of IT services allows users to have access to computing resources at run time, when and where needed. We at ETX-NG have taken this concept and applied it to the unique nature of transcript processing in Nigeria.From the information we gathered during our business planning stage, it was clear that a typical transcript obtained from a university of polytechnic in Ni... [read article]
Monday, 2013/11/18

The four boxes on our home page

The four boxes on our home page aren't just there for fancy; although i think they are beautiful, but they actually represent the four segments of the markets we serve. All of these drive towards our vision to become the largest transcript exchange and provider of automated certificate verification services in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. I am happy to describe these boxes in brief whilst provid... [read article]
Saturday, 2013/11/09