A true "Transcript on Demand" approach

Monday, 2013/11/18

Transcripts on Demand

On-demand service, in the context of IT services allows users to have access to computing resources at run time, when and where needed. We at ETX-NG have taken this concept and applied it to the unique nature of transcript processing in Nigeria.

From the information we gathered during our business planning stage, it was clear that a typical transcript obtained from a university of polytechnic in Nigeria would follow three basic stages; Ordering, Generation and Delivery. Having completed our transcript exchange business plan, our core value proposition lay within the ordering and delivery aspects of a transcript - this is because, the activities within this stage could be outsourced. However, the transcript Generation stage is a process that must be completely owned by the tertiary institution.

The irony is that most of the institutions we gathered information from confirmed that the biggest bottleneck to completing the entire processes is within the transcript generation stage. This is where all sorts of impossible practices take place - results cannot be found easily, files are located in separate buildings from the exams and records office, results will need to be gathered from the faculties, etc. These activities account for the largest delays to any transcript processed.

Our approach is different
There are quite a few companies in Nigeria that offer transcript digitization services; their approach is the gather records from previous years in the institution, run some sort of OCR captures on them and save the results in a database. Although this approach sounds effective, the truth is that, it is more likely to fail, will be too expensive and will become a project that will never be completed. Another fact is that not all alumni or past students of institutions will apply for their transcripts. Our arguement is why spend priority time and money on digitizing the result of a past student who may never apply for their transcripts.

Where legacy results are unstructured and hard to locate, a transcript on demand solution should be prefered - this is in summary "create digital transcripts only when required and deliver immediately at anytime and to anywhere. This is what we provide.

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