Monday, 2016/08/08

Should it be called “certificate selfie”. There’s always this joy when students finally graduate from colleges or universities, after the long sleepless nights of reading, researching and the anxiety of waiting for the grades and so on. Finally, the results comes out which leads to the official caps and gowns, and then the selfies with the certificates.

Since the advent of social media, smart phones, quality camera and easy access to the internet, the authenticity of certificates have “endangered”. Fraudsters have been giving the perfect opportunity to extract people’s certificates from the internet (since google images scoops pictures from your social media account and show case them forever).

Degrees contains very important information which satisfies the fraudsters’ needs. These information contains the signatures of the chancellor and the vice-chancellor, with personal information of the graduand(s) which makes it easy for the fraudster(s) to emulate within matter of seconds via the internet.

So next time you want to pose for a pix or selfie, drop that paper and smile Laughing

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