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Saturday, 2015/05/02

In recent times, requests for official transcript of academic records of students and alumni are on the increase. Other than the final statements of results or certificates issued to students and alumni, educational bodies and other institutions are more interested in the detailed academic records of applicants showing attained grades and performance on each courses/subjects taken.

The need for this is extensive with several purposes ranging from: further studies (Post graduate admissions), transfers, employment, Visas and permits, to scholarship awards. Considering that the provision of academic transcript for these purposes are usually timed bound (i.e having submission deadline), many have been said to miss good opportunities due to series of challenges encountered in a bid to obtain ones academic transcript in record time (meeting stated submission deadline).

This majorly borders around the problem of physical presence at school’s premises. In this case, frequent journeys to the school become a necessity as applicant will be required to do the following:

  • Write an application letter – this may take several weeks for approval from registry
  • Payment must be made in bank resident within the school – where teller would be submitted at the bursary and student will have to come back after 48hrs to obtain official school receipt.
  • Application will be forwarded to exams and records where records will have to be searched for and retrieved from a filing room.
  • Huge cost to incur on transportation, accommodation, tips to facilitate the university staff efforts, typing and photocopying letters and requirements e.t.c
  • Risk of lives and health concerns since some have lost their lives and injuries sustained in accidents encountered on journeys made to the school from different locations in a bid to have access to academic records and documents.

Unfortunately still, for some individuals who cannot undergo these clearly strenuous procedures and experience, they would seek other faster means hereby engendering corruption, forgery, impersonation and other related vices.

Hence, in response and adequate preparedness, it is imperative for tertiary institutions of learning to become fully equipped such that reliable storage, easy access and retrieval of academic data are guaranteed. Truly, such administrative effectiveness and efficiency can be attained in an environment where information communication technology thrives.

It is clear that the conventional methods and procedures of manually processing academic data particularly by Nigerian institutions of learning can no longer meet the rising demands for academic records/ history of their students and alumni. Institutions should readily embrace the transition from manual to electronic methods with the following changes:

  • Conversion of new and existing academic records into electronic and secure digital formation where generation of transcript will be easier and faster with fewer or no errors.
  • Online transcript application system that would allow students and alumni to apply for their transcript online from any location in the world without having to travel down to the school to physically submit application.
  • Online automated payment system that would allow applicants to make required payments online from any location in the world without having to travel down to the school to physically do so.
  • A boost to Institution’s internally generated revenue (IGR) where students and alumni will readily pay more for the improved and excellent transcript service provided to them thus translate to more income for the school.

ETX-NG is the first and only company in Nigeria and Africa at large to deliver this technological breakthrough to Nigerian institutions.

Licensed by NUC and NBTE, we run the first and only Electronic Transcript Exchange in Africa; and we are here in Nigeria. Currently we have institutions such as Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Umar Musa Yar’adua University (UMYU), University of Benin, Babcock University, amongst others on our electronic network.

We are building a community of exchange where institutions freely interact with each other by sending and receiving electronic academic data under a top-notch secure environment.

Why not have your institution join in today?

Posted by Ademola

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