E-Transcripts for Institutions in Nigeria

Wednesday, 2013/12/25

E-Transcripts NigeriaETX-NG at its core is an educational credentials company; by credentials we mean transcripts, degrees, certificates, all of the things that you earn in your life; that really speaks to what you know and how well you know it. And we’re trying to solve two basic problems with credentials….

How do we help schools, universities, polytechnics, and companies in Nigeria and others bring credentials alive, so they don’t move as paper and trapped data, but they move much more efficiently and the data can be put to work for the institution.

How do we help students and learners interact with their institutions effectively and securely; whenever they want to without having to leave their jobs or other activities in the cheapest possible means.

We are africa’s first and leading electronic transcript exchange today. We’re getting close to signing on over 10% of the tertiary institutions in Nigeria – and clearly there’s this gigantic transformation from paper to electronic.

Looking around the world, everything is turning electronic and everything that wasn’t was rapidly becoming so; but transcripts are still being held out.

Basically, students results are manually collated and typed using some word processing software, printed, put into an envelope and mailed. On the other side, the recipient receives the transcript and put them into the subjects file…the more sophisticated recipients will take them out of the envelope and scan them into a database…..this makes no sense.

Institutions should prefer to receive transcripts electronically which can be attached directly into a subjects electronic file. They no longer have to open that envelope, open a manual file, or have someone scan them into a system.

Todays students are 24x7; they are savvy…in everyway. Where they want to go for information, the type of information they want to consume; where they want to send their information, how they want to share their information,….we are giving them a way to engage with their credentials, with the way they live.

What we’ve done is…we’ve come up with a secure PDF that can't be tampered with and I would suggest that secure electronic documents are more secure that paper copies.

We are talking about education; an education system that struggles for resources, that is strapped for cash. We’re saving them money and time.

We provide the true e-transcript solution for Nigerian tertiary institutions.

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