Employee Background Checking Service in Nigeria

Tuesday, 2014/03/18

Employee Background Checking Services in Nigeria has become very vital when hiring new employees, admitting new students into an institution or any case where a certificate needs to be tendered. It is also very vital when it comes to questioning the integrity of existing staffs of a company/organization.

It can be said that background checks services has been underused in Nigeria by employers.

Research has shown that:-

  • about 30% of candidates provide incomplete or inaccurate information in employment applications
  • About 5% of candidates do not disclose criminal records.
  • Up to 70% of people when surveyed admit to having lied when preparing a CV

The costs of employing the wrong person, or doing business with the wrong people, both in damage to staff morale and the cost of possible employment law or other litigation, or worst of all, fraud or theft, considerably outweigh the costs of a basic peace of mind, pre-employment screening and/or background checks.
The Labour industry has shifted dramatically in the last decade. Nigeria now has a very flexible and mobile workforce and a lot of people now change jobs regularly compared to the historical days. This has made it far more difficult to assess an individual’s longstanding employment record, including performance, loyalty, trustworthiness, activeness, and absenteeism. The consequences of employing the wrong type of person can be very dangerous.

Some people are of the opinion that so long as the employee is doing his/her job prudently questioning his Credentials is not of great importance; when it comes to Background Check services in Nigeria, more that being a dedicated worker/staff integrity is paramount. A person who can forge a document, credential or leave out important information for any purpose can be harmful to the organisation in the future.

There are instances where people change their Class of Degree, Use other individual’s certificates, some students even go as far as forging their SSCE results to gain admission into the Higher institution. All of these acts need proper attention therefore Employee Background Checks services in Nigeria needs to be given more attention and relevance.

For employers in Nigeria, knowing your potential employee or existing staff is very important, knowing their past records with previous employers makes you know what to entrust or what not to entrust with such employees.

In ETX-NG, Employee Background Check services has been brought to you on a platter of gold, you no longer have to work with the fear of employing staffs with no credibility. ETX-NG helps you verify Academic Credentials for existing staffs and new intakes. We also run background checks on vital areas that most employees omit, which are very important to a Company/organisation. We have areas of Verification Focus which are but not limited to:

  • University and Polytechnic Degrees obtained in Nigeria
  • International Degrees
  • Professional  Certifications
  • Professional references
  • NYSC Certificates
  • WAEC/NECO Certificates
  • Other academic Checks

Other Checks include:

  • Reference Checks in Nigeria
  • Past Employment Checks in Nigeria
  • Credit History Checks obtained in Nigeria
  • Individual Checks for Identities in Nigeria
  • Guarantor Validations provided in Nigeria

Having stated out the importance and advantage of Background Check Services, using ETX-NG saves you significant resources and stress of running an in-house background check which might not be so effective and reliable.

With ETX-NG Background Checking service is easy, all that is required of you is to send a scanned copy of the Document that needs to be checked or verified and we take it from there.

You do not have to set up an in-house team to do all of your Background Checks. ETX-NG has a team of experts who will deliver all that you need clarification and specifications on.

Kindly contact Oyewole Damilola on 08142689845 or 08142527060 for more details on how we approach Background Checking Service in Nigeria.

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