Employee Credentials Checking in NIgeria

Tuesday, 2014/01/07

We have been in the busines of verifying the accuracy of educational credentials presented by employees. Our service is actually two pronged: firstly we verify qualifications obtained in Nigeria and secondly, we verify the credentials obtained by Nigerian employees who schooled abroad.  Through the year 2013, we noted false declaration of credentials in about 8% of all the verifications performed. At this time, it is hard to determine the extent considering that we performed slightly more than 10,000 verifications over the last 12 months. Nigeria woke up to the news today that one of its government officials had falsely claimed to obtain a degree. Rather than go into the political details, we would want to highlight the importance of verifying candidate credentials to companies, organisations and government bodies in Nigeria.

Most Nigerian companies, atleast based on our market activities think candidate background checking are a poor use of time. We are asking them to think again. During times of economic challenge, checking the background and credentials of your potential employee becomes even more important. Background checking has become critical. We urge every company in Nigeria to check every fact of their employees - including degrees, dates of degrees, class of degree, exact dates of studies, etc.

Verifying or validating degree or certificates obtained from Nigeria costs nothing compared to loss of value or reputation from hiring a fake. ETX-NG “CertVerify” provides organisations and institutions with a simple, inexpensive and almost immediate method to verify an individual’s higher education and professional certication qualications irrespective of where they were obtained. Recognising the value of higher education and professional certication and wishing to eradicate the practices of bogus degrees and bogus professional certication claims, ETX-NG “CertVerify” promotes the practice of verifying degree and professional certication claims by providing a rapid, convenient and inexpensive internet-based service for employers, higher education establishments and others to verify the degree and professional certication qualication claimed by applicants for employment or a position of further study.

“It is our belief that “the things people tell you or the documentation they give you isn’t necessarily true or authentic. If you accept everything at face value, you’re not doing your job”.

Our service benefits potential employers and recruitment agencies by providing rapid verication of academic qualications at low cost. It also benets universities by automating the majority of verication processing and greatly reducing their costs. It enhances graduate employability by recognising the value of a genuine
degree and helping to eradicate the practices of bogus degrees and bogus professional certication claims.

Kindly contact Oshomah Omamegbe on 0803 721 5239 for more details on how we approach degree verifications in Nigeria.

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