ETX-NG: A Transcript Delivery Option

Tuesday, 2014/10/28

Many institutions offer various transcript delivery methods which normally includes UPS, DHL, NIPOST and more recently via email. In all cases, the paper version of the transcripts are created and printed; packaged and delivered manually in the case of courier delivery and scanned and sent via email in the case of email delivery. All of these cases are expensive and prone and forgery.

We provide tertiary insitutions in Nigeria with a transcript delivery solution which can be offered to students as an option.

Electronically by PDF
ETX-NG offers institutions in Nigeria a secure PDF option for the delivery of official transcripts. This version of the official transcript presents the same information, in the same format, found on the traditional printed documents.

PDF delivered transcripts are secured by a digital certificate. This certificate insures the recipient of two important details:

  1. The transcript has been prepared and delivered by the Office of the University ‘s Registrar
  2. The transcript is original and unaltered since prepared by the Registrar's office.

To facilitate this method of delivery the requestor must ensure the following:

  • Verify with the recipient that they will be willing to receive your transcript as a PDF document from ETX-NG.
  • Recipient must have a copy of Adobe Reader 6.04 or higher installed to open the transcript. (Recipient may download a copy of this free software.)
  • In some cases, you may need to provide a valid e-mail address for yourself and the recipient.
  • E-mail notification will be sent to the requestor and recipient.
  • After receipt of the e-mail notification, the transcript must be retrieved within 20 days.

Retrieving a PDF Transcript

To maximize privacy and security, the recipient will receive two e-mail messages with the following sender address and subject:

From: "The University via ETX-NG Delivery (No reply Please)"
Subject: "The University via ETX-NG: Authentic Document Delivery Service: Document # "

Step 1 - Receive first e-mail, select the link to the website, second e-mail will be generated with passcode.
Step 2 - Receive second e-mail, copy and paste the passcode in the appropriate box located on the website.
Step 3 - Select the Download button to access the certified transcript.

**NOTE: Recipients will have access to retrieve each requested document ONE time only. If they wish to view the transcript at a later time, the PDF MUST be saved.

After retrieving the certified transcript, a security message will display.

  • Valid Certificate - this indicates that the PDF document is original and unaltered. This is the normal and expected message.
  • Certificate Invalid - this indicates that the transcript was NOT issued via the ETX-NG network. Please report this fraudulent condition to ETX-NG.
  • If none of these messages appear - the transcript was NOT issued by the University. Please report this fraudulent condition to ETX-NG.

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