ETX-NG introduces electronic ordering, reciept of academic transcripts

Monday, 2014/05/05

Obtaining academic transcript from Universities and Polytechnics in Nigeria has become very difficult and rigorous. In lots of cases you have to travel to the school, leave your work place (some people even apply for casual leave at their place of work), spend lots of money on transportation, pay hotel bills in order to secure accommodation, risk travelling back and forth and at the end in some applicants still are unable to obtain their transcript.

ETX-NG is in a move geared towards setting aside the cumbersome process that Nigerian graduates are forced to go through while applying for their transcripts or verifying results from universities and polytechnics in the country.

ETX-NG is spearheading an easier, faster and seamless means of applying and getting transcripts from Nigeria Tertiary institutions and also verification of results, credentials or background checks with its online platform. Tertiary institutions in Nigeria can now send and receive transcript as well as verify the degrees of their students applications between each other in a secured environment and companies can request to verify staff degrees and professional certifications for employment and other purposes from tertiary institutions in the country.

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