How to Save Time On Your University Applications

Wednesday, 2014/12/31

We have run transcript services for students in Nigeria for the past two years and without going into much details, we can confirm that besides the transcript process, the entire application process - from identifying the school and course of study to gaining admissions and paying the fees can be a daunting task. For students applying for post graduate studies in Nigeria, the road to studies can be a long one. Exploring schools online, taking road trips, and narrowing choices into a short list may all take place before a student even tackles the institutions application—a process in itself.

Post graduate applications require thought, honesty, and time. But, depending on where and when you plan to apply, you are now able to trim some of your workload by submitting one application to multiple schools. Thanks to our brand new service. "Admission Application Support for Postgraduate Studies in Nigeria". In a nutshell, we have devised a common application form which a potential student can complete and sbumit once; we then replicate this across multiple other choices selected by the student saving the student time and money. This supports our core vision to making life easier for students and Alumni from tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

It is quite seamless because we handle transcripts and certificate processing anyway, so why not transfer our knowledge to making life easier for students and alumni. ETX-NG Provides admission support services into post graduate schools in Nigeria. The idea is that we will assist you in gathering all the requirements and submitting the application on your behalf. You do not need to worry once you have submitted your information - just sit back and we will do the rest.

Contact us should you need more information about this service.

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