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Saturday, 2013/11/09

ETX-NGThe four boxes on our home page aren't just there for fancy; although i think they are beautiful, but they actually represent the four segments of the markets we serve. All of these drive towards our vision to become the largest transcript exchange and provider of automated certificate verification services in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. I am happy to describe these boxes in brief whilst providing you with a link to download our new brochures. As always, comments are welcome.

Box 1: Students / Alumni - Apply for Transcripts: Targeted at students who gained some form of tertiary education in Nigeria and its available to non exchange members too. This service assists students and alumni in Nigeria in obtaining their academic transcripts from any tertiary institution in Nigeria; whether electronic and physical; and having such transcripts delivered to any destination worldwide. "Download flyer - Apply for transcripts in Nigeria"
Box 2: Tertiary Institutions - Join the ETX-NG Network: Targeted at all types of tertiary institutions in Nigeria; covering universities, polytechnics and colleges of education. This service represent the core of our business. We primary help the institutions by providing a more efficient and effective way of processing transcripts across the entire value chain. We have broken down the activities into three: Transcript ordering, Transcript Generation and Transcript Delivery. Institutions that are full mebers of the network are privy to all three service activities; other could opt for each as needed. "Download brochure - Processing transcripts in Nigeria"
Box 3: Corporate Organisations - Verify Degrees: Targeted at corporate organisations across the world including companies in Nigeria who may want to verify the authenticity of the degrees claimed by thier employees. This is particularly one of my favourites because it is also extended to tertiary insitutions and professional certification bodies as well. Considering that we handle thousands of transcript records, we are efficient by filtering the meta data and recycling it for our verification business in collaboration with tertiary institutions in Nigeria and similar networks abroad. "Download brochure - Degree verification in Nigeria"
Box 4: Certification Providers - Membership verification database and ETX-NG Receive: Targeted at professional certification providers in Nigeria. This service aims to develop an online database of current certificate holders for free and provide this to corporate organisations at a fee, which we is then shared. ETX-NG Receive also ensures that the incoming transcripts of members are efficiently received and stored in secure electronic format. "Download brochure - Certification Database" and "Download brochure for ETX-NG Receive."

Kindly contact our sales team on for further information and to receive hard copies of our brochures.

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