Theodora Ihuarulam shares her typical day at work at ETX-NG

Friday, 2015/12/18

Hearing this familiar tone at 4:30am every morning makes me wish everyday were a Saturday. Staggering out of bed, heading straight to the kitchen to prepare my meal for the day then to the bathroom. At 6:00am my day starts proper, having to fight my way through the crowd to get on a bus, and staying in the traffic that lasts for almost an hour and thirty minutes, quite a handful. At 7:20 or at most 7:30am I arrive at my office building faced with another dreaded task (taking the stairs). My office is on the 8th floor and the only way I can get there is by climbing the stairs. This is because the generator power comes on at 8’oclock and that’s when the elevator comes on too. The aftermath of this exercise is not something to joke about. My first few weeks at my office were not eventful at all, having most of my colleagues stare at my sweaty face and my breath pondering so loud like my church drum. Funny, but hey, I survived.

At 7:35am, done with my jogging exercise (that’s me taking the stairs), and of course I always have my colleagues Rachael (at her desk catching a quick nap before the start of business) and Michael (on his phone as usual). Taking my seat to calm my nerves, my right hand on my computer turning it on. After which I run through my previous task from the previous day and draft my task for the new day while waiting for my bosses call. My boss being an early bird, calls in everyday from 8:10 to 8:30am, making us review our duties and tasks from the previous day and appointing new ones to each one of us or few of us on rare occasions.

As a customer service personnel, my job entails making/receiving calls, providing solutions to customers’ complaints, receiving/replying mails and channelling them to the appropriate quarters, posting comments and replying to customer’s questions on our social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, Linked in), etc. Knowing how at ease our youths   are on the social networks, we made it our duty to create an avenue whereby we connect and attend to their transcript processing needs. Here we find questions like,” I wish to make an order but your site is not accepting the recipient's details” .In a situation like this, I will simply apologise for every inconveniences caused and with the help of our IT department, I will put them through on how to go about the completion of their application. Also questions about the services we render and maybe assist them in registering on our website. And my response will be thus ‘’ETX-NG is a technology platform that enables Students/Alumni’s request, transfer and deliver their academic transcripts between universities, polytechnics and educational institutions in Nigeria as well as within universities in USA and Europe, and to apply you simply log on to our website, click on students/alumni, on the drop box you click on order transcript, then you make your registration from there. It’s easy and direct.’’

From 8:30am our phone lines are already buzzing with calls ‘’Hello, good morning my name is Theodora, you are on to ETX-NG, how may we help you” feeling like a superhero, out to save the world (laughing). Most times our customers call in to follow up on the status of their transcript, which we highly appreciate, I simply request for his/her Reference ID as a means of identification to check on the status and relating it to the customer. The next thing that follows it’s either the customer is complaining about the delay of his /her transcript which is normal in some cases (where by students files are not found in the school archive). What I do first is to confirm the date of application to see if it has gone past the standard processing time, if yes, I quickly alert my colleague to chase Reps in that particular school for new updates. One thing I love about my job is being able to put smiles on our customers’ faces, it gives me this self-fulfilment. On this job, there are people who make you smile, sad, and others that make you wish the earth could open up and swallow you, but with all these I wouldn’t have wished for a better job.

Fast forward to 1:00pm, which is everyone’s   favourite time (lunch time). The microwave is always ready to make my meal warm and fresh again, I and my colleagues doing some catch ups from the previous day, at the same time munching on what we have in our plates. And before you say jack, its 1:30pm already, back to my desk to continue my task for the day. But first, one crucial part of my job is calling some of our customers who couldn’t complete their orders due to one reason or the other, this is to enable us connect with our intending customers, know what their setbacks are in applying and convincing them on how stress free and less time consuming our services can be to their advantage. And so far, it’s been helping in the companies growth, in the sense that I get to hear customers say “oh I love what you guys do, and because of this I will consider reapplying” or you hear comments like ” I thought it was too expensive at first, but I will go finish it up”. There are other times when I get turned down no matter how hard I try to convince a customer, but it still doesn’t pull me down, it just means better luck next time. At 4:00pm I start putting my reports together (which contains my daily incoming and outgoing call logs, call purpose, call description, their phone numbers and Reference ID), which goes out at exactly 5:00pm daily. Then at 5:00pm I hear my home beckoning on me (laughing).

Having stated all of the above, some days are super hectic while others are fun filled that I wish they never ended. However, I will simply say that my typical workday has a mix of stress, fun and excitement.

In a nutshell - It's simple how we help.

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