Unclaimed Degree Certificates in Nigeria

Wednesday, 2018/07/11

We know it is always obtaining you degree certificate at the time of graduation from a tertiary institution in Nigeria. Most of the time, these tertiary institutions in Nigeria issue degree certificates much after students must have graduated and it becomes difficult for the student to physically come back to the institution to obtain their certificates in Nigeria.

This creates two major problems – the first is that the student is left without a degree certificate thereby using their statements of results for applications to other schools and employment due to the tough requirement of physical appearance to obtain their certificates.

The second is that these tertiary institutions in Nigeria are then saddled with the responsibility of managing a pile of paper certificates which is rather difficult considering the challenges associated with physical record keeping.

As a solution to both students and institutions in Nigeria, we are now contacting schools seeking formal approval from their registries to collect students’ degree certificates on their behalf. We intend to go about this by including a notarized letter of authorization which basically transfers the responsibility of holding the degree certificate from the student’s school to us.

After we must have obtained the certificate on behalf of the student, we will then create a digital version of the certificate for storage and sending the physical version directly to the student via recorded delivery services.

Kindly find out more by sending an email to certificatecollection@etx.ng

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