We're Not Just Another Background Screening Company in Nigeria

Monday, 2017/01/23

We can’t wait to tell you about who we are and what we do. We’re truly passionate about our clients, our mission and what we stand for. Even though we’re one of the world’s largest screening companies --- we never want to be faceless and impersonal. Your business is always personal to us.

We’re your local screening company – but with global expertise

Since 2013, we ‘ve been serving organisations like yours with high quality employment screening and hiring solutions so that you can be confident in your people decisions. We pride ourselves on our customer service, unbeatable speed and unrivalled accuracy. With reps in all the states in Nigeria, our team of more than 160 reps proudly serves over 1,000 customers around the world, including a quarter of the NSE companies.

We empower smarter people decisions fuelled by innovation and dynamic technology

There are plenty of other background screening companies out there, so how do we make a difference for you? We start with the most advanced technology available anywhere in the country. And we never stop improving it. We constantly refine and reinvent our technologies and processes so that we exceed your expectations where it matters most to you and your candidates:

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Compliance
  • Technology
  • Service

We hate to make you wait

ETX-NG continually invests in resources and technology to make all of its pre-employment screening processes faster and more efficient. This is especially apparent with regards to our online platforms. Clients can order background checks and view real-time results with complete control over who has access to what information through our proprietary web-based report delivery system. Similarly, thanks to our unique e-Consent process, candidates can provide all the information required quickly and easily online, ensuring there are no delays to the checking process. This system also allows for references to interact directly with us online which has reduced turnaround time from up to 5 days to just 36 hours.

We don't like mistakes – and neither do you

We know that speed is important but it's even more important to us to be accurate.

In addition to working closely with numerous authority sources, we also have strong relationships with education establishments and professional associations across Nigeria and worldwide leveraging on our transcript business, which assists us in processing accurate and speedy checks. ETX-NG also provides unrivalled accuracy as a direct result of our independent QA departments, with professionally trained individuals tasked with overseeing all deliverables. In addition, our bespoke, proprietary software manages processes designed to control high volume workflow, whilst maintaining confidentiality and legal compliance through multiple Quality Assurance steps.

We’re always watching the compliance landscape - and you should too

ETX-NG places great importance on itself, and its reputation as a credible and respected provider of compliant employment screening. At the core of this reputation is ETX-NG’s ability to support compliance amidst the regulatory dynamics of the screening industry and the industries in which our clients operate. ETX-NG complies fully with its obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Compliance issues vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but wherever you operate and whichever countries your hiring process may involve, our team of experts can help you navigate through the challenges of global employment screening.

It’s our business to know your business

In each of our offices, we have teams of highly trained service and account professionals who are passionate about delivering the best service every day. To create a local and personal experience, we create tightly knit service teams to focus on our clients in specific industries and geographies. It’s their business to know both the nuances of your screening program as well as the common screening practices in your industry. Our service commitment includes senior account support for management and program owners, designated support for day-to-day inquiries, order support, ETAs and system troubleshooting, and dedicated IT project/program management assigned by time zone.

Excellent customer service

Thanks to our people, our processes, and our technology we believe no other background screening company can claim such a high client retention rate. Thanks to our focused and hard-working team who appreciate the value of going the extra mile. Our client services experts are friendly, professional, engaging and available during extended business hours.

ETX-NG has the capacity, expertise and experience of large scale implementations to ensure that incorporating our services into your business and recruitment process is done as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Our Implementation and Client Services team work with businesses to determine their needs and how best to meet them and they’re always available to personally handle any enquiries and provide guidance.

Cutting-edge technology

ETX-NG operates world-class, bank calibre, technical infrastructure and security processes. Continued investment in areas such as our candidate and client-side platforms ensures we provide smooth and efficient ordering and application processes for all users.

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