Make your certification data available for verification

Are your credentials worth protecting? Every time someone falsely claims your credential, its value drops. People will falsely claim your credential if you don’t have an efficient verification process. 

Specifically, we propose to develop an online database of your current certificate holders for free and provide this to corporate organisations at a fee, which we then share

Benefits to you 

We believe our proposition is uniquely qualified because it is relevant, i.e. it provides a solution of real value that meets your firm’s present needs. It is professional, given that industry standard world-class process will be followed and software systems selected. It is practicable, since it can be fully delivered and supported locally and it is realistic, because it can be started within a reasonable time frame. Furthermore, it is holistic and future-proof since it will remain relevant to meet growth and changing needs and business objectives. Once delivered, our qualification verification strategy through ETX-NG will enable:

  1. Zero cost of providing verification servicesThe ability for you to provide verification of professional certifications at a zero cost.
  2. Risk transfer: From a risk of false declaration perspective, outsourcing is a method of transferring the risks attached to verifying degrees and professional certifications away from you towards us. Our services reduce credentials fraud.
  3. Access to talent and operational expertise: You get access to degree verification operational best practice that would be too difficult or time consuming to develop in-house.
  4. Enhanced service to your employees: Your certificate holders will feel the true professional nature of your business when they get started off to receiving professionally delivered services.
  5. Boost revenue and cut costs
  6. Safeguard and enhance credential value
  7. Improve service and increase participation
  8. Promote credential visibility and reputation
  9. Ensure full privacy and security compliance to reduce liability
  10. Integrate verification services seamlessly with Credential Management