Verification of Employee Credentials

The ETX-NG CertVerify service allows a requestor to verify the higher education, university education and professional certification qualifications claimed by a graduate or member. Using highly secure Internet technology, the service provides an immediate response where applicable to requestors upon payment of a fee. This replaces the manual methods traditionally used by Nigerian universities, making the experience better for universities, better for graduates and better for employers.

The primary purpose of verification is to confirm the academic record of those claiming to be successful students and to enable the truly qualified to secure the most rewarding positions. A significant proportion of job applicants admit to having exaggerated or embellished their academic qualifications. A smaller number have been found to have blatantly lied and invented totally fictitious qualifications. Some have performed no study at all and have purchased a bogus degree from a bogus institution

Our strategy involves the use of a series of sophisticated and technology-assisted activities, which we carry out on our proprietary data through our own service offering. These strategies put us in a good position to interact with a wide array of institutions and professional certification bodies across the globe, which enable us to maintain integrity, accuracy and efficiency.

Nigerian University and Polytechnic Degree Verification

ETX-NG carries digital transcripts across universities and polytechnics in Nigeria through associations with the respective universities and polytechnics as well as their governing bodies, National Universities Commission (NUC) and National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).

Using the associations, we are able to efficiently and effectively verify degrees obtained from universities and polytechnics in Nigeria by making direct contact with applicable institutions and obtaining evidence of attendance and awarded degrees to students.

International Degree Verification

A good number of Nigerian employees obtain their degrees and professional certifications from educational institutions abroad and across the world. In similar manner as local degree verification, utilizing our vast international network of experienced researchers from over 100 countries we provide international verification services at a reasonable, fixed cost per verification from various institutions across the globe. ETX-NG is able to verify degrees and professional certifications obtained from USA, UK and other European countries, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Because we are confident of our internal network and global participation within related association, we are able to take orders for almost every professional certification that exist internationally.

Professional Certification Verification

Similar to local and international degree verification, ETX-NG has formed strategic alliances with professional certification bodies to verify the authenticity of professional certificates paraded by employees. Our verification service enables companies to make timely and well-informed hiring, promotion and compensation decisions. With our reliable and authenticated verifications you can have confidence that candidates possess the current certifications they need to perform their jobs

WAEC Results Verification

WAEC verification is a result checking service that provides a platform where organizations/institutions can verify O’ Level results for candidates that took the examinations. It provides an avenue where result confirmation is performed without the use of offline cd or the carriage of result data from one place to the other. Institutions can therefore verify the authenticity of their prospective students including their current students anytime and anywhere.  The current available data for verification ranges from 1980 to date.

NYSC Certificate Verification

The NYSC Certificate is a major prerequisite to gaining employment in Nigeria irrespective of where an individual acquired his or her educational qualification. This therefore makes it necessary for employers to verify the NYSC Certificates tendered by their current and prospective employees as there is currently no framework put in place in Nigeria to check the authenticity of NYSC Certificates.