Corporate Organisations

Companies and universities are making strategic decisions on how to differentiate themselves in an ever-competitive market and as such, many are focusing on bold enhancements and extensions to their entire human resources and employee quality as a primary differentiator through verifying the authentication of their staff qualifications.

Degree fraud is a serious and costly problem for employers. A degree education is valuable to employers and employees so, in a climate of extreme competition for employment, it is not surprising to note the attitude of job seekers regarding their CVs and job applications.

ETX-NG “CertVerify” provides organisations with a simple, inexpensive and almost immediate method to verify an individual’s higher education and professional certification qualifications.

ETX-NG`s "CertVerify" service enables you to verify degrees and certifications from all types of higher education institutions across Nigeria, Africa and the world as a whole. Our verification service is highly reliable and is trusted by businesses and organisations nationwide because they help cut overall expenses and manage financial risks associated with academic fraud.