ETX-NG Academy

ETX -NG Academy is an informative and educative forum which gives you the opportunity to learn how to get the full benefit of the ETX-NG`s services as a participating institution, enabling you to reduce your office`s workload and provide better service.

Here, we provide an overview of all the steps and procedures that lead upto the setting up of ETX-NG service in your institution. You are encouraged to contact us and ask us questions in the case whereby certain issues are unclear, share insights and best practices, as well as network with colleagues from neighboring institutions.

This involves preparation and preliminary involvement with your institution to understand your unique transcript order and processing processes. At this stage, you will be able to define basic pre processing steps such as ensuring that the applying student does not owe the university outstanding fees and was of good standing and so on.

Fee Set-Up
The next step entails setting up your fees. At this juncture you give us the information on what your fees for transcript application are(these are the fees currently charged and will be retained by tertiary institutions). This is because tertiary institutions currently charge transcript application fees to students who want to obtain their transcripts.

Fee Collecting Structure
At this point, agreements with collecting banks will be signed. Identifying required signatories of transcripts and the order in which such signatories are required will be defined and documented.

Service Build
The service build deployment activity will be the customization of the your institution`s specifications and processing requirements that will ensure the complete flow of work. Signatures will be captured and secure water marking will be deployed. Connections to exchange and local synchronization of required data will be tested and validated.

Service Delivery
The final step in this process is the delivery of service to your institution. Service will be delivered and your institution will be ready to go live after staff must have been hired and nominated resources within your institution trained. Localisation will be implemented and reports generated in readiness for operational activities.

It is important to note here that ETX-NG Transcript Exchange Service is provided to all tertiary at zero cost to participating institutions.In addittion, our approach involves the use of intelligent combination of our strengths, which make up our services to help deliver quality and innovative solutions to Nigerian tertiarty institutions