ETX-NG-Receive™ for PG Schools and Transcript Receivers

We can automatically verify the degree certificates of all your PG School applicants when they “order and send” their transcripts to you through the ETX-NG Network.

In almost all cases, when you receive applications into your post graduate school, you require applicants to submit their transcripts as well as copies of their undergraduate certificates. Very often, you then verify these transcripts and certificates with the originating institution to confirm their authenticity before awarding a place to the student.

We understand that verifying these certificates and transcripts can be quite burdensome, expensive and time taking, especially when performed using your own internal resources. In some cases, you don’t receive a timely feedback from the originating school and you’re then forced to award your PG degree based on trust and assumptions.

Considering our growing experience with managing transcripts and degree certificates, we have devised a simple and easy to use solution that will automatically verify the certificates and transcripts of your PG school applicants, giving you peace of mind. As part of the application, you will receive the applicants’ transcripts, their certificate and an evidence letter from the originating school; – saving you time and cost whilst building a robust trust platform based on evidence.

This service is at no cost to you; all we require is that your applicants order for, and deliver their transcripts and certificates directly from the issuing school to you through the ETX-NG Transcript Exchange; which can be manual or electronic. A trial is certain to convince you.