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General pricing strategies.

The pricing strategy we adopt is rather straightforward: students and alumni pay for every transcript ordered. However, there are a few intricacies we have considered to ensure fairness amongst all parties.

In today’s practice, the general pricing format that currently entails is such that students have to travel to their home higher institutions incurring travelling costs; such students may also have to stay in hotels, make formal and informal payments prior to obtaining such transcripts. Prices paid for transcripts and other fees vary from university to university. Our pricing strategy will not change existing fees structure applied by individual higher institutions; but add to it. The average formal price based on our studies of our pilot higher institutions is N2,000; however, a sample of students interviewed confirmed that they spend in excess of N35,000 to obtain their transcripts.

Our general pricing strategy for transcript ordering and fulfilment on the ETX-NG exchange platform will be to charge three main types of fees:

  1. Transcript Application Fees: This is the fee currently charged by universities. Higher institutions currently charge transcript application fees to students who want to obtain their transcripts. This fee varies from university to university and ranges between N2,000 to N5,000 based on our research.
  2. Exchange Processing Fees: These fees are retained by ETX-NG and cover the cost for online processing and manual order fulfilment. The fees ensure security and effective delivery of all orders within the exchange platform and will range between N5,000 and N12,000
  3. Delivery Charges: This only applies to orders relating to universities that are not currently participating on the exchange. The postal charges will minimal for transcripts transferred between universities on the exchange.

The pricing calculator below gives a clear indication of the charges payable your alumni and students pay when they use ETX-NG for transcript ordering, fulfilment and delivery.

Please note that this site is capable of accepting the following currencies - Nigeria Naira (NGN), British Pounds (GBP), American Dollars (USD) European Euros (Euros).

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