Fee Schedule

We are taking all the costs, time delays and risks away from you into one small package.

In today's practice, you would have to face the following variables which could be very expensive and risk.

  1. Cost of physically travelling to your home institution to request for a transcript. Airfares are currently very high.
  2. Risk: The risk of travelling by air or by road are indeed quite high in Nigeria
  3. Formal application fees as specified by your institution
  4. Informal fees that you may need to pay to expedite the application processing
  5. Hotel expenses associated with staying within the town of your home institution
  6. Delivery charges associated with transporting the transcript to your recipient institution
  7. Risk of delivery delays or non-delivery using traditional surface mail.

Use the calculator below to see a single charge to pay and we believe our prices are modest and very considerate. Please note that this site is capable of accepting the following currencies - Nigeria Naira (NGN), British Pounds (GBP), American Dollars (USD) European Euros (Euros).

Price Calculator

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