Partnering With Us

ETX-NG “CertVerify Partnership” provides organisations and institutions with a simple, free and almost immediate method to verify the certification status of their members.

ETX-NG Credential Verification solutions close the loop between your program, candidates and employers, with a centralized, standardized system for authentication. You’ll keep your credentials safe — and valuable.

In a nutshell, what we offer you is as follows:

  1. Create an online database of your certificate holders and members at zero cost to you
  2. Create an interface from our systems to the online database – such that we can only read; not write.
  3. We will market and sell our certificate verification service to corporate bodies and international organisations for a fee; stating that the status of your certificate holders can now be verified online and in near real-time.
  4. We will pay your fees and create additional income stream to your business

Our entire service to your and the deliverable of an online searchable database and associated logic application is at zero cost to you.

Since corporate organisations pay a fee when a verification search is required, this fee will be determined by both of us and the sharing will be agreed.