Students / Alumni

We have researched the Internet and spoken with university graduates across the globe and from our discussions, we noted the following challenges currently experienced with obtaining a transcript from a Nigerian university or educational institution:

The Challenges

Students/ Alumni have identified the following as the problems they frequently face in trying to obtain their transcripts from their schools.

Difficult & Frustrating

If you’ve ever attempted to secure academic transcripts from any Nigerian university, or from other institutions of higher learning, you must know how difficult and frustrating it can be. Although securing academic documents and transcripts may be slightly easier if you live in Nigeria; attempting to do so from abroad can be annoying, traumatic and time consuming.

Expensive & Delay Prone

Aside from the official fee to be paid to the school, facilitators within the school system would also need to be paid or “greased”. Moreover, friends and relatives who spent their time going back and forth must also be compensated. Transcript (and postage) that ordinarily should cost no more than N10,000 for example, may end up costing the requester upward of N40,000. You can’t even quantify the cost of time spent, along with the stress and other incalculable resources. And indeed, there is no guarantee that the requested documents will arrive, or arrive in a timely fashion to its required destination.

Susceptible to Forgery

One of the unintended consequences of these difficulties is that some Nigerians have taken to forging documents. Forging documents is a crime; but it is even more criminal and malicious when an institution refuses to, or intentionally delay sending supporting documents to enable one achieve ones goal.

Negative Impact on Ambition

In addition, many Nigerians have failed to secure employment or graduate school admission all because Nigerian schools and other institutions failed to send complete and correct transcript in a timely manner.  How many dreams have been cut short by the actions and inaction of these wayward institutions or officers within those institutions? One may never know the answer.

ETX-NG believes that procuring official school documents shouldn’t be that difficult. An alumnus of a major university in Nigeria once said “If schools want to increase the fee for such services, well then, they should go ahead. But for goodness sake, they should fulfil their obligation to their former students.”

Solution to the Opportunity

Having realized the challenges involved in obtaining transcripts from Nigerian Higher institutions, ETX-NG is spear-heading the use of an Electronic Transcripts Exchange Platform that will have the following core features:

Convenient 24/7 Access

Our online transcript ordering service offers a fast, simple way to order copies of your official transcript. Instead of students going to their school`s registration office, now they can go to the Web. This means that you can request a transcript from universities in Nigeria with just a click of the mouse

Fully Traceable

No more lost transcripts! Both the university and their students will be notified when the transcript is sent, received and opened. They will even know exactly who opened it so you can relay their contact information to the student.

Instantaneous Delivery

Instead of days or weeks, official transcripts can now be sent and received anywhere in the world (for participating institutions) within seconds.

Unmatched Document Security

Encrypted data is transmitted via a secure Internet connection applying the same high security protocols and confidentiality standards used for online banking and commerce.

Enhanced Student Service

Whether they’re applying to graduate school or starting their career, students won’t have to worry about missing a deadline or a job opportunity because their transcript was slow arriving or lost in the mail.

Increased Office Efficiencies

With our proposed solution, sending transcripts takes less time so you can focus on other tasks. Plus, your paper burden can be significantly reduced and more transcripts archived electronically and out of your way.

Lower Costs

For options with no postage, paper or envelopes to stuff, students can lower the cost of sending a transcript

Universal Readability

There are no global boundaries. The PDF format allows the transcript to be read by virtually anyone, anywhere - in its official format – maintaining the authentic look and integrity of your transcript.

Easy to Implement

Advanced web technology enables easy and safe implementation with most student systems and does not require extensive IT support.