Transcript Services for Tertiary Institutions

The ETX-NG platform takes the rigours out of results digitization and the desktop hassle out of transcript requests. Now it’s all done online; we do the digitization, students do the ordering whilst the institution does the processing. It is simple.

Our automated system gives students the freedom to request transcripts online, 24/7 from anywhere in the world without ever stepping foot in university offices. Transcripts are delivered to academic institutions, prospective employers and other recipients through our integrated Electronic Transcript Delivery Network or by traditional surface mail.

The Electronic Transcript Exchange of Nigeria (ETX-NG) enables participants (i.e., universities, polytechnics, colleges of education and other educational institutions) to securely exchange electronic transcripts with each other via our secure network. ETX-NG will also be connected to the Students Clearing House in USA to allow transcript exchange with over 3,000 universities and colleges in America.

The network consists of secure servers that support various protocols for transferring files. Files can be sent to the exchange using a variety of protocols and methods. Once the recipient is determined, the files are delivered to the recipient’s secure FTP mailbox, where they can be retrieved at any time and frequently.

Finally! No more phone calls, forms to fill out or data to enter. Transcripts On Demand speeds up delivery, lower costs and frees up time so you can focus on improving student service. Our service incorporates all the features institutions need to offer state-of-the-art online transcript ordering:

  • Order collection and validation.
  • Payment card processing (all major payment cards accepted globally and locally by integration to eTranzact and Interswitch).
  • Ability to sign transcripts digitally.
  • Option to apply document controls to manage transcript access and usage after delivery.
  • Electronic, expedited, and standard delivery options (e.g., overnight delivery or regular mail).
  • Consent form collection and archival.
  • Transcript request and real-time status tracking.
  • Automated email confirmations and updates and audit trail of all transactions.
  • Customer support for you, your students, and your alumni.

ETX-NG Receive™ for Transcript Receiving Institutions

Drawing upon the largest eTranscript exchange community in Nigeria, “ETX-NG Receive” is a solution for you to automatically verify, collate and attach all your incoming transcripts against student applications


The predominantly manual way of processing academic transcripts within tertiary institutions in Nigeria is creating two major challenges:

  1. Transcript processing is very slow and can sometimes take months to receive – this is likely to affect your total admission rate.
  2. Transcript content manipulation is prevalent – as a result of this, you often send the transcripts to the school back for verification.
  3. Verifying transcripts can be quite burdensome, expensive and time taking, especially when performed using your own internal resources.
  4. In some cases, you don’t receive a timely feedback from the originating school and you’re then forced to award your degree based on trust and assumptions.


ETX-NG Send is a web-based solution for your applicants to request their academic transcripts from tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

ETX-NG Receive is a service that allows you to receive verified electronic versions of all incoming academic transcripts (paper based or electronic) directly from tertiary institutions in Nigeria.


  • Transcripts can be paper based or electronic – You receive whichever you prefer
  • Transcripts are sent directly from the issuing institution to you – We have no access
  • We only act as an ordering and delivery channel – We do not process transcripts
  • We hold ordering and delivery relationships with the largest schools in Nigeria

Benefits to You

  • You do not need to send transcripts back to issuing school for verification as this can now be done automatically and instantly

Benefits to Your Applicants

  • Transcript processing and delivery is now much faster because we provide digitization systems to schools on our network.
  • There is no requirement for students to physically visit the issuing schools as ordering is done online

Considering our growing experience with managing transcripts and degree certificates, we have devised a simple and easy to use solution that will automatically verify the certificates and transcripts of your school applicants, giving you peace of mind. As part of the application, you will receive the applicants’ transcripts and evidence of authenticity directly from the originating school; – saving you time and cost whilst building a robust trust platform based on evidence.