Transcript Services for Students and Alumni

ETX-NG assists students and alumni in obtaining their academic transcripts from any tertiary institution in Nigeria and we ensure the delivery of such transcripts to any school world-wide; whether electronic or paper. Rather than travel down to your school or send friends and relatives to obtain your academic transcripts, ETX-NG is able to assist with this faster.

We maintain a network of representatives covering each tertiary institution covered by ETX-NG who follows-up through with your order whilst working with the institution. Once the order is fulfilled, ETX-NG will ensure that your transcripts are delivered electronically where applicable or via courier and recorded channels otherwise. Our student services are as follows:

Transcript Order

  • Visit ETX-NG website directly or either via an order page created for each institution.
  • Register and choose the school from which transcript is being requested as well as the school to which transcript is to be delivered.
  • Submit your order and make necessary payments
  • ETX-NG will take this order and process it according to the participation level of your institution
  • Where your institution is participating on the ETX-NG network, the request is forwarded to the sending school`s administrator who uploads the required transcript. ETX-NG processes the transcript and converts them to secure PDF files and store them temporarily.

Tracking Order

Where your institution is participating on the ETX-NG network, a secure and certified PDF format of the transcript is generated and sent electronically to the receiving school as official transcript where applicable; and where your institution is not on the ETX-NG network, we adopt all applicable manual processes. Once the transcript is delivered at the receiving destination, the process is complete and your order placement has been fulfilled. On the flip side, you are able to receive incoming transcripts from institutions not on the ETX-NG network through our transcript receiving free service

Tracking Delivery

Progress of transcript order placement are tracked via e-mails and/or sms alerts. You can subscribe for email and/or sms alerts while registering you order placement.