Order Transcripts from University of Lagos

ETX-NG Transcript Ordering System

Please note that University of Lagos has its authorized means of applying for transcript as described on its website. It is advised that you review their offering prior to ordering through us. We are in no way authorized agents of University of Lagos and we work independently in a manner similar to sending your relative or friends to apply for a Unilag transcript on your behalf. Once we take your order, we will follow the same procedures as determined by Unilag and because we spend time on this, we will charge an administration fee. Considering that we are working independently, our terms of conditions govern your order with us and we guarantee the service on which you have paid.

If you are a first-time user it will be necessary for you to create an ordering account which will be used for this order as well as any subsequent order from this institution using this system.

In accordance with International standards it will also be necessary for you to agree to a consent to establish this account. This consent authorizes ETX-NG to act as an independent ordering agent for you and gives permission for transcripts to be released to third parties as requested by you.

Do not hesitate to contact us using the contact us page should you need further information.

Send Electronic Transcripts into University of Lagos

If your sending school is not within the ETX-NG network and they are capable of generating electronic transcripts, then University of Lagos is able to accept such transcripts in signed and certified PDF format.

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