What We Do

ETX-NG helps educational institutions in Nigeria improve efficiency, reduce costs and workload, and enhance the quality-of-service they provide to their students and alumni, employers, and other organizations. We provide our services as an aligned agent to our participating institutions, supporting their administrative, student access, accountability, and analytical needs. Electronic Transcripts in Nigeria and Transcripts Nigeria form our core services.

The core services provided by the ETX-NG platform are:

Transcript Services for Tertiary Institutions

  • Electronic Transcript Exchange enables universities, polytechnic and other tertiary institutions in Nigeria to exchange electronic transcripts with participating tertiary institutions institutions and agencies via the ETX secure network.
  • Transcript Ordering allows students and alumni of tertiary institutions to order transcripts via the Web. Every step of the transcript ordering process is automated enabling the tertiary institutions to provide 24/7 service while reducing their administrative burden and costs. Electronic delivery of transcript PDFs will be available, along with digital signature and rights management options to ensure document integrity. 

Transcript Services for Students and Alumni

  • Transcript Ordering: We assist students and alumni in obtaining their academic transcripts from any tertiary institution in Nigeria and we ensure the delivery of such transcripts to any school world-wide. This service is particularly aimed at students and alumni of tertiary institution in Nigeria who are not yet members of the ETX-NG network. Rather than travel down to your school or send friends and relatives to obtain your academic transcripts, ETX-NG is able to assist with this.
  • Transcript Follow-up and Delivery: We maintain a network of representatives covering each tertiary institution covered by ETX-NG who follows-up through with your order working with the school staff. Once the order is fulfiled, ETX-NG will ensure that your transcripts are delivered electronically where applicable or via courier and recorded channels otherwise. 

Certification Verifications for Corporate Bodies

  • School Degree Verification Using our associations, we are able to efficiently and effectively verify degrees obtained from universities and polytechnics in Nigeria and overseas by making direct contact with applicable institutions and obtaining evidence of attendance and awarded degrees to students.
  • Professional Certification Verification Similar to local and international degree verification, ETX-NG has formed strategic alliances with professional certification bodies to verify the authenticity of professional certificates paraded by employees. Our verification service enables companies to make timely and well-informed hiring, promotion and compensation decisions.

All ETX-NG services; Electronic Transcripts in Nigeria, Transcripts Nigeria and Degree Verification Nigeria follow international data security standards hence protect students privacy rights in their education records.