Who We Work With

Participation in alliances is a key industry trend. As a provider of transcript fulfilment and verification services to higher institutions and corporate organisations, ETX-NG Electronic Transcripts in Nigeria and Transcripts Nigeria will focus on alliances, which can offer as seamless a relationship as possible. Basically, we work with the following group of associations. 

Tertiary Institutions

Partnering with the National Universities Commission (NUC) and National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), has enabled us invite tertiary institutions in Nigeria to participate on the ETX-NG platform. As such, we deal with tertiary Institutions- federal, state and private universities as well as colleges of education, polytechnics and monotechnics in Nigeria. Participating on the ETX-NG platform provides an array of opportunities and benefits for schools.

Corporate Organisations

There is an increasing awareness on the part of employers in Nigeria on the need to ensure credibility and authenticity of staff. As such, hundreds of organisations and companies are using the ETX-NG "CertVerify"service to prove the authenticity of the degrees and certificates claimed by their employees.

Government Agencies

ETX-NG has an agreement with the major bodies in charge of higher education in Nigeria- the Nigeria Universities Commission (NUC) and the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE). This enables ETX-NG gain access to and establish alliances with tertiary institutions.

We deal with federal, state and private universities and ploytechnics as well as colleges of education and monotechics throughout Nigeria.

Professional Certification Bodies

ETX-NG also has affiliations with international and local professional bodies which allows for the verification of professional certificates. Our strategic partnership with certification bodies gives us the edge whilst ensuring tht we are able to provide efficient,effective and accurate verification services to our clients.

Students and Alumni

We work with students/alumni in getting transcripts from their schools and delivering such transcripts to stipulated schools of their choice electronically. The Transcript Exchange service of ETX-NG is faster and can be done online, thereby allowing order placement irrespective of location. The payment systems utilized by ETX-NG accept payments in Naira and other major currencies of the world.