Why CertVerify

Its estimated that as many as half of all job applicants falsify their educational credentials. Whats more, industry experts cite academic fraud as the most common lie on resumes. Specifically, we propose to verify the degree and professional certifications of all your current and future employees.

Ours is a holistic, service oriented approach to the verification of degree and professional certification grounded in a good understanding of appropriate technologies and means of achieving maximum return.

What Are The Risks?

The risks of not verifying applicants education credentials include:

  • Greater recruiting and replacement costs
  • Increased employee turnover
  • Compromised business performance
  • Embarrassment and negative impact to your organisation`s reputation
  • Declining market value
  • Lost customers and revenue
  • Civil and criminal liability

Benefits to your business  for using ETX-NG “CertVerify”

We believe our proposition is uniquely qualified because it is relevant, i.e. it provides a solution of real value that meets your firm’s present needs. It is professional, given that industry standard world-class process will be followed and software systems selected. It is practicable, since it can be fully delivered and supported locally and it is realistic, because it can be started within a reasonable time frame. Furthermore, it is holistic and future-proof since it will remain relevant to meet growth and changing needs and business objectives.

Employing the CertVerify strategy helps protect employers from two types of fraud; a) an exaggerated or embellished claim to a degree and b) a bogus degree from a bogus institution. Once delivered, our qualification verification strategy through ETX-NG will enable:

  • Lower cost of verifying qualifications: The ability for companies to verify degrees and professional certifications at a cost cheaper than performing similar activities by oneself. We guarantee personalised and high quality technology based strategies for degree and professional certifications verification at a cost 15 to 40 percent lower than your cost for direct performance or in-house alternative.
  • Risk transfer: From a risk of false declaration perspective, outsourcing is a method of transferring the risks attached to verifying degrees and professional certifications away from you towards us. Our services reduce credentials fraud.
  • Access to talent and operational expertise: We use sophisticated technologies and have strategic alliances, which gives us access to all verify all possible degrees and professional certifications irrespective of where such degrees and certifications were achieved. You get access to degree verification operational best practice that would be too difficult or time consuming to develop in-house.
  • Enhanced service to your employees: Your employees will feel the true professional nature of your business when they get started off to receiving professionally delivered services.